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    If you want your list of top anime to watch list to be a complete and thorough one, then I suggest that you make your list based on the best of the best. The Hideout at the Aquarium isn’t a place that you can find rare treasures and items. No, instead it is a virtual hideout where a person can find his or her favorite things. February 7th sees the return of Anime Festival. Here is my list containing some of the most memorable anime ever.

    Full Metal Panic: This anime is like a combination of Evangelion, Pokemon and a combination of Lord of the Rings inception. Welcome to the hidden world of the metal monsters. This is the best anime season we have ever seen. It’s not just about technology gone wild, it’s also about the crazy world inside humans growing and changing. Here are the 10 best anime seasons for winter 2021.

    Sword Art Online: This year’s most anticipated anime will launch its new season. This is the next generation for visual novels in Japanese style and bishops. I’m certain that if your familiar with the original VNs you’ll be all set for the Switch version. If you haven’t heard about SAO, it’s a boy that survived a fatal virtual online game (SAO). Now he wants to regain his memories and save his sister.

    Bleach: Bleach will be another one of the most anticipated anime of the year. It will feature some stunning sceneries, attacks and scenes. It’s been a while since Bleach had a strong story, but I can tell you that the art is simply gorgeous and beautiful as always. It’s set in a world of magic and hope, of living life just like everyone else. This series is light and enjoyable, and I look forward to more of the same.

    Neon Genesis – If you are looking for an anime set in 2071, Neon Genesis might be the one for you. This anime is filled with some of the most striking and dramatic scenes I’ve ever seen in anime. It’s futuristic, and the story is about humanity and our struggle against evil and nature. This anime is another one you should watch in winter 2021. This anime could easily be ranked among the top ten best anime of the year.

    Check out this list to see the best anime of 2018. These are the places to go if you’re looking for your favorite anime of the season. There are so many anime you can watch during winter. They are worth a look! It will be a great decision.

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